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Introduction to Roasting

$2,000.00 per person

The Introduction to Roasting Class is a private, one-on-one class with our Director of Coffee, specifically designed for entrepreneurs ready to roast their own coffees for their business.

The Introduction to Roasting Class is a highly-focused, hands-on class designed to provide clients with the skills and framework to independently roast, evaluate, and dial-in coffees profiles from scratch at a professional level.

We take a learn-by-doing approach, introduce and explore different methods and theories with the goal of empowering each client to confidently setup their own coffee roasting operation.

Clients who successfully complete the class also benefit from Shared Roasting’s long-term approach to client partnership and access to a range of ongoing advisory services, which are not normally covered during the 4-5 Hour class, with the understanding that different topics become more relevant as each client’s business evolves and new challenges/opportunities arise such as: efficient roast production planning, inventory management, roasting supplies procurement, quality control strategies, cupping new coffees, brewing/ barista training, etc.

After students book the class, our instructors will reach out to discuss each client’s unique goals and ways to further customize the 1-on-1 experience to be as impactful as possible.

The general curriculum for the class is as follows:

1) Roasting theory (framework for developing coffee profiles, understanding roast curves), green buying, and preventing common mistakes starting out. 

2) How to effectively use data to improve every roast (What is most important to track, how to analyze it, and most importantly, how to apply the analysis to improve flavor and consistency)

3) Hands-on: Live roasting on the 500G Sample Roaster (Take the driver's seat to apply the theories and concepts)

4) Hands-on: Coffee cupping, quality control, developing a framework for evaluating and methodically exploring coffees

5) Hands-on: Coffee blending (How to take a synergistic approach to blending  coffees)

*All class materials are supplied by Shared Roasting, unless students have specific requests for the class.



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