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We partner with many types of coffee businesses such as cafes, startups, e-commerce businesses, wholesalers and distributors.

We take a flexible approach to helping you find the best solution for your specific business.

What's Included? 

As a leasing client, you have access to a host of amenities including:

  • On-site Green Bean Pallet Storage
  • Full Packing Facilities: (industrial grinder, Weigh-and-Fill Machine, Conveyer Band Sealer, Heat Sealer, Scales, and More!)
  • Fully-Stocked Cupping Room
  • Event Space
  • Co-Working Lounge
  • Three Commercial Espresso Machines 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I've never roasted coffee before. How do I start?

We have a comprehensive and customizable professional education series designed to provide you with the foundational tools necessary to confidently begin roasting your own coffee in addition to our on-going mentorship and client support program for all our leasing partners

How long is a typical roast batch?

Depending on many factors (e.g. type of bean, desired flavor profile, batch size, etc) a typical batch can range from 9 to 15 minutes.

How do I buy green beans?

You can buy greens from our carefully-curated rotating inventory, our affiliated partners, and we can also teach you best-practices for how to sample roast, evaluate and source them yourself. 

How much money can I save by roasting my own beans?

Every business is different, but it is not uncommon for new clients to immediately realize a savings of 30%.

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