Roasting Membership

Access to Shared Roasting’s partner network, Two state-of-the-art Production Facilities, Four Loring Smart Roast Machines, Six Independent Packing Production Lines, Two Industrial Grinders, Three QC/Sampling Laboratories, over 200,000lbs of on-site Climate-Controlled Storage, and coffee/business advice from actual roasting business operators. 

Why Join Shared?

We partner with many types of coffee businesses such as cafes, startups, e-commerce businesses, wholesalers/distributors around the world and pride ourselves on being able to take a creative and flexible approach to helping each of our partners find the best solutions for their unique business goals. 

Shared Roasting’s Advisory Services to Members

As a Shared member, you have free access to a host of additional advisory services including:

  • Procurement Advice Ex. Cafe Equipment, Production Supplies
  • Green Bean Buying Guidance
  • Quality Control, Research and Development, and Coffee Menu Development Assistance
  • Cafe Lease and Buildout General Advice
  • Freight Logistics, Shipping and Ordering Advice
  • Roastery Production Planning Guidance to Maximize Efficiency and Quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I just buy my own roaster?

You certainly can and should! However, in our experience, the cost, lead times for equipment, securing the real estate, construction, regulatory permitting, can be prohibitively expensive depending on where you want to place the roaster. We also maintain the equipment and space for you. Some of our members also own their own roasteries, but choose to partner with Shared to provide excess production capacity during busy order periods, emergency situations or when additional roasting expertise is required for specific exotic coffees.

I've never roasted coffee before. How do I start?

We have a comprehensive and tailored professional education series designed to provide you with the foundational tools necessary to confidently begin roasting your own coffee in addition to our on-going mentorship and client support program for all of our members.

Are there any minimums?

Yes but we understand that every business is unique so please reach out and we can discuss.

How do I schedule time?

To ensure that all of our clients have enough time to roast and pack comfortably, our in-house staff and roaster technicians manage the scheduling based on individual client production needs.

How long is a typical roast batch?

Depending on many factors (e.g. type of bean, desired flavor profile, batch size, etc) a typical batch can range from 10 to 15 minutes.

How do I buy green beans?

You can buy greens from our affiliated partners, and we can also teach you best-practices for how to sample roast, evaluate and source them yourself. We generally do not sell greens.

How much money can I save by roasting my own beans?

Every business is different, but it is not uncommon for new clients to immediately realize a savings of 30%.

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